On the hill above the settlement of Kalpaki stands tall the giant bronze statue of the unknown soldier which is also an ossuary of fallen soldiers. On the opposite slope across Kalpaki, on the hill of Prophet Elias stands out the written word “NO” that the Greeks said to the Italians bringing memories of the WWII.


At the entrance of the village Kalpaki there is the War Museum of Kalpaki where soldiers volunteer as tour guides to present visitors with the rich exhibits and graphic and sound representation of the Battle of Kalpaki.


Yet another monument worth visiting at Kalpaki is the cave which was used as the Commander’s headquarters of the 8th Division during the WWII. At the entrance of the cave looms the burst of the General Charalambos Katsimitrou. Last but not least, during the yearly celebrations of the WWII the Municipality of Pogoni organises a spectacular representation of the battle which took place in the mountains of Kalpaki.