Hiking in Zagori

There are many hiking routes from easy strolls to demanding hikes along remote mountainous traverses with the most popular being the hiking route from Papigo to the peaks of Tymfi and Drakolimni (an alpine lake at an altitude of 2050m). The lake is an hour walk from the survival shelter in Astraka, when in 1950m there is also the survival shelter of Tymfi. The whole route lasts 5h.



A famous spot near the village of Papigo is the natural pools. More specifically there are physical pits in the limestone rocks created by the Rogovos stream where the bold dive in the cold waters during the summer months.


Hiking in Pogoni

The mountaineering route usually starts from Meropi, Kefalovryso or Paleopyrgo towards Mount Nemersica which is located on the northern Pogoni, close to the borders with Albania, at an altitude of 2209m. The journey lasts about 3 to 4 hours.



You have the opportunity to raft along experienced trainers on Voidomatis river, the clearest and coldest river in Europe, enjoying an easy and beautiful route.

Horseback riding

If you want to enjoy and discover the beautiful nature of the mountain you can do it on the back of a horse.



If you want to experience this unique sport into wind underneath a parachute, you only need to try the wing shaped parachute also known as paragliding. Flights take place in Asprangeli village and Perivleptos village near Kalpaki for approximately 30mins and are always accommodated by an experienced trainer.



Explore the geological formations of and descend using ropes in the canyons of Zagori region.


Mushroom picking

Dash to Pogoni for mushroom picking with practical instructions.